What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominal surgery is technically known as an ABDOMINOPLASTY, and consists of removing excess fat and skin located in the abdomen, reshaping, and improving the figure and, especially, the area of the waist.

Who is abdominoplasty for?

This procedure also allows the muscles of the abdominal wall to be stretched in men and women who do not respond well to diets or physical exercise, causing them to gain fat in that area.

It is a type of procedure that can also be used for those women who have had multiple pregnancies resulting in abdominal distension.

Those who are planning to lose a lot of weight, or to become pregnant, are not ideal candidates.

What does abdominoplasty consist of?

This technique allows us to eliminate the excess of skin between the navel and pubis and to tighten up distended musculature, yielding a flat stomach.

The procedure can be combined with cosmetic liposuction, thus achieving a more slender, contoured, and feminine result.

For this procedure, general anaesthesia is used, and only in cases in which a mini tummy tuck is done is local anaesthesia employed. Surgery lasts between two and five hours, and requires an overnight stay after the procedure.

Abdominal surgery yields instant results, and patients are recommended to combine a balanced diet with exercise, given that, although the results of the procedure last over time, proper physical condition must also be maintained.

The resulting scars are usually in the lower part of the pubic area, so they can be concealed with panties or bikinis.

The sutures are removed between ten and fifteen days after surgery, signalling the moment that patients may return to normal work activity. The use of a compressive strap is required for one month.

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