After years of experience in CLÍNICA ÁUREO in Palma, our family grows and we approach you with this new aesthetic medicine clinic located in Puerto Portals, one of the most prestigious nautical complexes in the Mediterranean, which aims to give a multidisciplinary approach to the IMAGE, HEALTH and WELL-BEING of people. We carry out a joint and coordinated work between our different medical aesthetic and cosmetological specialties, always helped by the latest equipment and appliances, with a highly qualified and constantly trained team.
In the team of professionals that make up Aureo Clinic we believe that each person has something that makes them special, a trait that makes them different and that we would like to highlight. Without transforming you, we aim to give you that well-groomed and healthy appearance. THE RESULT IS YOU: recognisable, without drastic changes and highlighting the best of you. WE WANT YOU TO LIKE YOU and recognise yourself when you look in the mirror.

Our team

Dra. Cristina Núñez

Medical Director

Dra. Elisa Urbina

Aesthetic Doctor

Susana Mateos

Cosmetologist and Masseur

Eva Núñez

Cosmetology and patient care

Mavi Ramis

Receptionist and patient care

Marga Guillén

Receptionist and patient care

Pau Capó

Marketing Dept.

Paco Gutiérrez

Management assistant