Intralipotherapy for localised Fat

What is Intralipotherapy?


The accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body contour causes a localized increase in volume and a loss of harmony, being one of the most frequent consultations in aesthetic medicine. Localized adiposity is characterized by being resistant to diet and physical activity since it does not depend on the degree of overweight and can occur in thin people.

Intralipotherapy consists of infiltrating a biocompatible and totally reabsorbable microgelatinous solution, which achieves the disintegration of the fat cells thanks to its lipolytic effect. The fact that we break up the fat cells and the fat they contain will provide us with a much more lasting effect, so that intralipotherapy is considered a non-surgical solution to localised fat with effects similar to those of liposuction.

How is the Intralipotherapy technique performed?

To achieve this effect, the product must be applied to the fatty tissue that causes this increase in contour, by means of a fan-shaped infiltration to cover the entire area to be treated quickly and painlessly. Its application requires specific training on the part of the aesthetic doctor who is going to apply it; it is absolutely necessary that the professional who performs this method is trained in it and knows the process and the product perfectly.

One of the requirements to be able to perform this technique is that the localised fat where we are going to apply the lipolytic must have a minimum thickness of 1.5-2 centimetres.

After the infiltration at Aureo Clinic we recommend the use of compression garments that are put on immediately after the procedure and are kept on for 3-7 days, being the first 24 hours totally recommended.

There is no specific number of sessions, as these must be adapted to the characteristics and response of each patient, but to obtain evident results, between 3 and 4 sessions may be necessary, although sometimes a single session is sufficient. The space between sessions should be about 4 weeks to allow time for the process to allow the slight inflammation to disappear and the remaining fatty tissue to be assessed.

After the application, reddening of the area is common and some patients report mild to moderate pain, bruising may also occur. All these symptoms improve with compression garments and disappear without treatment in about 48 hours. The patient can return to normal life immediately after the procedure, but intense physical activity or impact on the treated area is not recommended during the first week.

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