AQUAPURE. Intelligent deep facial hygiene.

60 min. | 120 €
Voucher 4 sessions | -15%

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“The best facial cleansing is the one that combines several procedures in the same session.” This is the reason for the success of our Aquapure intelligent facial care system. A non-invasive and non-ablative multifunctional device that combines in the same session peeling, deep facial cleansing, impurities extraction and deep hydration with specific nutrients to stimulate skin tightening and rejuvenation. A treatment with immediate results suitable for all ages, all skin tones and skin types, even the most sensitive.

· Skin rejuvenation
· Peeling and exfoliation
· Deep pore cleansing
· Elasticity and hydration of the skin

Pollution, sun, stress, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle affect the appearance and condition of our skin, to such an extent that we see a dull, oxygen-deprived skin, with open pores, black spots and more imperfections. This skin is crying out for a good professional facial cleansing with Aquapure.

How does Aquapure help repair your skin?

This intense and pleasant-feeling flash treatment consists of 4 steps:

1º. Aquapeel. Peeling + cleansing.

This dual action applicator, diffuser and vacuum, vaporises water and a peeling solution that, based on salicylic acid and natural extracts, removes dead cells, excess sebum and other impurities and skin imperfections by hydro-dermabrasion and desquamation. Its suction power combines deep cleansing of pores and blackheads.

· Exfoliation
· Deep cleansing of pores, blackheads, dead cells and impurities
· Sebum regulation
· Closes dilated pores

2º. Electroporation. Supply of nutrients.

Using a stable and constant application of electric currents, the intradermal penetration of nourishing solutions based on natural extracts, hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants is achieved, the ideal combination for:

· Nourish and rejuvenate the skin
· Boost circulation
· Brighten the skin

3º. Y-Lifting. Lifting effect.

This Y-shaped applicator sends electrical impulses to the facial muscles, producing a lifting effect.

· Tightens and smoothes the skin
· Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
· Lifts jowls and eyebrows
· Regenerates collagen and elastin.

4º Cryo. Skin relaxation.

Cold/Heat application that helps to relax, reduce inflammation, decongest and tone the skin.

· Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
· Improves skin repair
· Desensitises the skin
· Firms and tonifies

Aquapure treatment protocols and results

Facial cleansing is usually based on a specific protocol, but the success of our deep facial cleansing lies in the flexibility of the system and our cosmetologists who, by analysing the condition and needs of each skin, personalise the Aquapure treatment.

At Aureo Clinic, we recommend a monthly session to maintain a radiant and healthy skin all year round, and a weekly session for 3 or 4 weeks, as a shock treatment for damaged skin.

The results are immediate and, from the very first session, your skin looks more luminous and hydrated, with more vitality, more consistent tone, smoother, with tighter pores and fewer imperfections. A healthier, younger and more natural looking skin.

Aquapure is ideal to combine with our aesthetic medicine facial treatments, whether with laser or injectable devices.

This intelligent system of deep and personalised cleansing has become an essential protocol for our clinic.

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