What does the arm lift consist of?


This type of surgery helps to improve the aesthetics of the arms, intended for those cases in which there is excess flaccidity, leading to smoother and more beautiful arms. It is also employed in cases where significant weight has been lost and the skin of the arm has become loose.


How is an arm lift performed?


This procedure removes excess skin from the inner arms, leaving a small scar in the axillary area that is barely visible. The procedure can last between one and a half to two hours, requires general anesthesia and an overnight hospital stay.


The results are well-defined arms, without flaps or excess skin.


The postoperative period is not very bothersome, and social and work life can be resumed ten days after the procedure, as long as the activity to be performed so allows.


A defined mandibular arch, a chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face and a well-defined facial oval are aspects that determine whether a face is attractive or not, hence the importance of treating this lower third of your face whenever necessary.

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