What does twin augmentation consist of?


Calf augmentation is a procedure that consists of ADDING VOLUME TO THE CALVES. It is a procedure indicated for people who suffer from some malformation in the legs, or who have suffered injuries or accidents that affect the legs; also candidates for this procedure are those who, after having practiced physical exercise, have not been able to develop the calf muscles.


The procedure consists of implanting a prosthesis through a small incision in the back of the knee.


It is a brief operation that can last about an hour. General anesthesia is usually employed for this procedure, which is followed by an overnight stay in the clinic.


We obtain results that improve muscle definition in the calves, giving them a more aesthetic shape.


After the procedure, small edemas (inflammation) may form, disappearing after a few days.


Recovery takes between three weeks and a month, while patients may return to normal working life after about ten days.

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