Deep wrinkles and volume loss – Facial filler with hyaluronic acid.

DEEP WRINKLES AND VOLUME LOSS - Facial filler with hyaluronic acid.

What are filler implants and what are they used for?

Injection of filling materials fillers is, along with the injection of botulinum toxin, the most common procedure of all those used in aesthetic medicine.


The various filling implants exhibit different chemical compositions and different physical characteristics. The choice of the best product should be made according to the area to be treated, the patient’s characteristics, and the technique to be used. Each treatment should be individualized.


The main indications for filling implants are:


  • Nasolabial folds.
  • Lip corners.
  • Lip profile.
  • Lip augmentation.
  • Perioral wrinkles.
  • Jaw profile.
  • Loss of cheekbone volume.
  • Filling depressions and increasing volume.
  • Deficiencies due to lack of soft tissue.


Its properties are very beneficial:


Combats facial aging (with hydration, antioxidant properties, neocollagenesis).


  • Corrects wrinkles, grooves, and depressions.
  • Adds volume.
  • Heals scars.


Depending on the material chosen, different effects can be achieved: added volume, skin hydration, or collagen biostimulation.


All of the materials which we use are biodegradable, meaning they will be naturally reabsorbed over a period of time dependant upon the material.

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