Face & head massage


25 min.  | 45€

Voucher 4 sessions  | -15%

Intense massage performed on the head and face, also stimulating the neckline, neck and shoulders. The objective, on a therapeutic level, is to unblock and relax the pressure in these areas and allow greater oxygenation and blood flow. On an aesthetic level, to tone the facial muscles and improve the skin.

The large number of muscles that are inserted in the occipital area, a bone located in the back and lower part of the head, plus the constant use of the facial muscles, can cause muscular tension in the entire upper dorsal, cervical and facial area, causing headaches, migraines, bruxism, dizziness, vertigo…

Although it is true that craniofacial massage is suitable for all types of people, at Aureo Clinic we recommend it especially for people with a high level of stress or anxiety, those who need to keep their minds active for a long time, such as students, or those who have a lot of work or personal responsibility.

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