Facial Radiofrequency – Skin Revitalization


What is facial radiofrequency?


The facial radiofrequency It is a technique that consists of the application of electromagnetic waves on the skin with the aim of producing new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid naturally. An improvement in skin circulation and skin oxygenation is observed.


What are the effects of facial radiofrequency?


After its application, a flash effect is produced in the treated areas that disappears in 24-72 hours. The results they are visible from 3-12 weeks and can continue to improve up to a year later.


How long do the effects of facial radiofrequency last?


The duration of these results depends on many variables, such as the patient’s lifestyle, the quality of their skin, sun exposure, if they are a smoker or eating habits, among others.


What are the benefits of facial radiofrequency?

This treatment is applied mainly at the facial level and has these benefits:


  • Improvement of skin flaccidity.
  • Improvement of the laxity of the eyelids.
  • Improved texture and thickness of the skin.
  • Refining of thick skins and with dilated pores.
  • Reduced sebum production. Improvement of acne and acne scars.


Where can I apply facial radiofrequency?

The facial radiofrequencyIt is indicated for the face, neck, neckline and even the hands.


Radiofrequency can be combined with other aesthetic treatments, always respecting safety regulations, to obtain better results and even enhance those of the radiofrequency itself.

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