What happens when your forehead is traversed by lots of horizontal wrinkles?

Normally, you have the impression that every glance is being directed towards this area and what’s more, it gives you an appearance older than your real age. And it’s true! Forehead wrinkles really age you and, in any case, cause people on whom they are more pronounced than usual to try to hide them.

Is there a solution to forehead wrinkles?

The truth is that there is a very easy solution The truth is that there is a very easy solution. In Cosmetic Medicine, we treat them all the time, and with spectacular results. The most widespread procedure for its simplicity and effectiveness is the botulinum toxin; if we relax (not paralyse!) the frontalis muscle responsible for these creases caused by movement, the wrinkles caused by their activity are hidden and even disappear. It’s nonetheless true that we have to be very measured and careful because it is in the forehead where an excess of Botox can be most apparent.

How can we keep it natural?

What we usually do in Clínica Áureo is, in the first session, administer a dose of Botox that is a little less than we consider necessary and afterwards, in a second session, the areas that have remained too active are retouched. In this way, we ensure that the final result is neither artificial nor strange.

For some patients, it is better to leave some wrinkles and not eliminate them completely, this is for people who use the frontalis to open their eyes correctly, since otherwise it would leave them with strange expressions, and men Men with a very smooth forehead can have a feminized appearance so it is better to administer treatment in an even more measured and careful way in order to not change the face so much.

So, as you can see, we will always provide a personalized treatment for each patient according to what they need and what they are looking for.


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