What is gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation?


This procedure is known as GLUTEOPLASTY and consists of giving shape and volume to the buttocks by using small implants inserted through an incision that is made at the height of the coccyx so that the scar will be hidden. The implants are similar to those used for breast surgery, but employ a denser gel, since they have to be firmer to the touch and more resistant.


Who can have a gluteoplasty?


This type of surgery is performed on patients between the ages of 25 and 45, and is recommended for people who already have firm gluteus and who wish to enhance their shape. It is not indicated for patients who have sagging buttocks.


A gluteal augmentation procedure may last between one and two hours, requires general anesthesia, and one overnight hospital stay.


Postoperative recommendations include using a girdle, sleeping on your stomach, avoiding physical exercise that requires effort in that area of the body, and not receiving any injections in the buttocks.


Patients may return to normal life after ten days, but should restrain from strenuous activities.


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