What is labia majora augmentation?


The AUGMENTATION OF THE LABIA MAJORA is performed in a procedure that consists of increasing labia size and shaping contours to improve aesthetics.


Why is labia majora augmentation necessary?


With age, some women lose volume and develop flaccidity in the labia, making those who present such symptoms suitable candidates for this treatment.


What does labia majora augmentation consist of?


A volumetric increase in the labia is accomplished using hyaluronic acid, which acts to restore lost volume and improve the aesthetics of the vaginal area. By means of such augmentation, we also achieve an improvement in the elasticity and hydration of the mucosa.


It is a minor procedure lasting about half an hour, is performed as an outpatient treatment, not requiring any hospitalization, and is done using local anesthesia.


What are the benefits of labia majora augmentation?


The results ensure a younger-looking and moister vaginal area, adding volume to the labia to protect the vulva and prevent possible infections, itching, or chafing.


Post-operative recovery is straightforward and does not require a rest period.

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