Labiaplasty or Labia minora reduction


What is labiaplasty or labia minora reduction?


It is common that, with age and childbirth, the labia minora become hypertrophied and more exposed than normal, no longer covered by the labia majora. This gives female genitalia a very unattractive appearance that often brings a sense of insecurity to women, leading them to want to hide them from the view of others, whether in public changing rooms, at the beach, or during intimate relations. In some cases, it also limits patients who want to practise nudism, or shave or wax, while trying to conceal this defect.


What is labiaplasty or labia minora reduction?


The elimination or reduction of the labia menora is a very simple surgical procedure that takes approximately one hour. It is performed under local anaesthesia, in most cases, and requires one or two days of subsequent rest, after which she can return to her usual routine, with the only precaution of avoiding the practice of sport and sexual relations for one month.

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