Lip augmentation and lip contouring


Who doesn’t want beautiful, full lips?

The lips are one of the regions of the face that stand out the most and, therefore, attract the most attention. They are also closely associated with beauty, youth, health, etc. In other words, harmonious lips are a great cover letter for any face.

What can we do if we want a lip augmentation and improve their appearance?

The aesthetics of our lips (shape, size and hydration) are genetically defined, but they can change their physiognomy with the passage of time, atrophying or losing lip hydration. Also factors such as dental growth, aggressive orthodontics, repeated occurrence of cold sores and others affect and modify the anatomical shape of the lips. At Aureo Clinic we consider it absolutely necessary to make a good medical diagnosis because not all lips are candidates for treatment. We must assess their anatomy in particular, but also other factors that may influence the outcome of the treatment.

Lip treatment

If we finally choose to treat them, we will use hyaluronic acid, which is the filler on the market with the most safety and duration studies. In aesthetic medicine the most important thing is to achieve a natural result, so that it seems that the patient has always had those lips and not that they have been treated. For this it is important to start with small amounts of hyaluronic acid and perform several sessions (between 2 and 3) depending on how the product settles in the lip tissue. Sessions at Clínica Áureo last about 30 minutes and are performed under local anesthesia for the patient’s comfort. The duration of the result is influenced by various factors but can be expected to be around 12 months.

Post-lip treatment

It should be taken into account that swelling of the lips is possible during the 2 or 3 days following the treatment, which varies according to each person, and sometimes we can also cause a small hematoma that is easily concealed with make-up. In general, even with the inflammation, the patient’s image is not excessively altered for day-to-day life.

Our results

Own cases oflip augmentation and lip reshaping.

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