What is mastopexy or breast lift?


Surgery to elevate the breasts is technically known as MASTOPEXIA, consisting of raising breasts that sag due to age, breastfeeding, or a genetic cause. Breasts may to lose their shape and produce a flattened sensation. In such cases, we combine the lifting technique with augmentation and placement of implants.


The procedure is not recommended for women who plan to have children, although it is not a treatment that affects breastfeeding.


Breast lifts can be carried out using a variety of techniques, but their main goal is to remove excess skin.


How is mastopexy or breast lift performed?


Sometimes implants are used to fill in the empty space and thus restore volume, while the nipple is placed back in the center of the breast.


The duration of the surgery can vary between two and two and a half hours. Is usually performed under general anesthesia, and requires an overnight stay in the clinic.


The procedure is designed to obtain results that restore a rejuvenated appearance in the breasts, although undergoing the procedure does not delay aging of the breasts over time.


A defined mandibular arch, a chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face and a well-defined facial oval are aspects that determine whether a face is attractive or not, hence the importance of treating this lower third of your face whenever necessary.

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