Nasolabial fold – Facial treatment

NASOLABIAL FOLD - Facial treatment

What is the nasogenian groove?


It is the furrow that goes from the nostrils to the corners of the lips, sometimes they can even continue through the chin down to almost the end of the face. And if there is one thing we are clear about at Aureo Clinic, it is that it is a defect that ages us a lot and, therefore, makes us appear older than we really are.


What is the solution of the nasogenian groove?


Well, we have good news! The nasolabial fold is one of the facial defects that best responds to treatment in facial aesthetic medicine. In most cases we will be able to correct it in a single session and for a prolonged period that can range from a year to a year and a half.


What treatments are there to correct nasolabial folds?


The treatment differs depending on the characteristics of the furrow, the physiognomy of the person and, above all, the cause that provokes it.


1) If we are faced with a wrinkle that simply breaks the skin; that is, a more or less deep line that follows the path we have described, but in which there is no fold; We will probably treat it through the infiltration of hyaluronic acid that can be more or less cross-linked depending on the depth of the wrinkle. What we are looking for in this case is to raise the furrow produced by facial mimicry, in this way we manage to correct it and hide it but always without changing the anatomy of the face. In addition, the hyaluronic infiltrated precisely in the area where the skin sinks when smiling will have a preventive function, acting as a kind of stop that makes it difficult to fold and, therefore, delays the appearance or worsening of the groove.


2) If the cause of the nasolabial fold is a decrease in the tissues of the middle third of the face caused by flaccidity, very common in men, what we are going to see is a fold rather than a wrinkle in that area, as a result of the fall of cheek fat. In this case, we cannot treat by filling the groove because that will add even more weight to the tissue that has sagged and worsen the defect that we are trying to correct. When we find this fact, we must try to replenish volumes to correct flaccidity as much as possible. Hyaluronic acid can also be used, but at Clínica Áureo we also have other types of fillers that will also seek to regenerate the collagen in our skin that will counteract flaccidity. There are also other medical devices other than fillers such as thread tensioners, radiofrequency or ultrasound that can be used in these cases, since, as we have said, we are going to attack the problem that causes this groove, not the groove itself.


How to prevent the nasogenian groove?


At the moment in which the skin of the face ceases to be smooth and elastic, the first symptoms of flaccidity appear in which these furrows begin to appear, which we can avoid or delay through facial medical treatments such as those already mentioned. tensor threads, the radio frequency or the ultrasounds that we will use to recover that collagen and elastin that rejuvenate the skin of our face.


Cheer up, that wrinkle that ages you so much can have an easy solution! Start by consulting with a specialist.Aesthetic Medicine in Mallorca so you can diagnose what your problem is and how to treat it.

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