PERIORAL WRINKLES / Barcode - Lip treatment

Barcode wrinkles

This is the name that we give to the wrinkles perpendicular to the lips that appear in the peribuccal area and that make us look ten years older than we really are. Why do they make us look so much older?

Traditionally, the mouth and everything around it has been closely linked to an image of beauty and youth. We identify a beautiful mouth with young and good-looking people. which is why when these wrinkles appear around the lips it gives us a feeling of greater aging than we would expect.

How to eliminate de barcode wrinkles?

However, there is good news and that is that treatment generally gives good results. Normally we treat them by injecting hyaluronic acid in one or more sessions. We attempt to soften the wrinkles as much as possible without adding volume to the lip so as not to change the person’s appearance and to keep the result looking natural. The session can last around 30-45 minutes and we usually use anesthesia, either atopic or injected, because the perilabial area is very sensitive and treating it can be uncomfortable. This process may cause a slight inflammation that will go down in 24-48 hours and sometimes may cause some bruising. We normally recommend local cold application as the only post-treatment care as well as taking certain precautions, such as not drinking alcohol or exercising the same day so as not to increase the flow of blood to the treated area.

Alternative treatments

On occasion, we can use or even treat entirely with other products such as a slight dose of toxin in the wrinkles, threading, PRP or vitamins, but the truth is that hyaluronic acid is the star product for this condition because it gives us the best results and the most security.

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