25 min. Back | 45€
60 min. Full body | 90€

Voucher 4 sessions | -15%

A manual therapy with benefits that go beyond an anti-stress treatment. A relaxing massage with gentle pressure and a slow rhythm that loosens muscles, improves blood circulation, helps lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins. A great resource to take care of ourselves and enjoy a pleasant sensation of general wellbeing.

Especially recommended for healthy people, under great work or personal pressure, in a state of stress, anxiety, tension, mild depression, muscle problems and/or mild circulation. A gentle and pleasant sensory stimulation for the Aureo Clinic patient.

The daily rhythm of life can be a burden on our organism and can cause back pain, muscle contractions and damage to bones and joints. Thanks to this massage we provide oxygen to the muscles, we improve and stimulate the metabolism of the tissues that surround the bones and we avoid or eliminate the adherence of liquids that damage the joints. An invigorating and relaxing endorphin-releasing massage that brings wellbeing and relieves pain.

The increase in endorphins it causes (the happiness hormone) also contributes to improving our mood and reducing cortisol levels (the stress hormone), relieving tension, anxiety and helping us to feel better, also on an emotional level. The hormonal balance your mind needs.

A relaxing massage that also has an effect on the lymphatic system and the care of your skin. Its draining effect favours the circulation of the lymph, improving inflammations, oedemas and fluid retention, and its relaxing kneading is a fantastic source of beauty for the skin which, as well as making it more flexible and elastic, thanks to the increased blood flow, will transport more nutrients and eliminate more impurities, delaying its ageing and giving it a healthier appearance.

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