45 min. | 100€

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The power of hyaluronic acid and biotin to rejuvenate the eye contour and strengthen lashes. An Aureo Clinic treatment specifically designed to highlight and enhance the appearance of your eyes.


Over time, facial wrinkles can spread, and it is in the orbicular area, the eye contour, where the signs of aging become more visible: the dreaded “crow’s feet”, drooping eyelids, bags, dark circles, loss of eyelashes, etc. These are signs that we should prevent or urgently treat them to avoid intensifying and hindering their natural repair.


With this 45-minute treatment, we will help you maintain or recover that intense, fresh, and vital look that enhances your face.


Renewed look treatment protocol


Skin cleansing

We prepare the skin, cleaning it of traces of makeup and impurities that may affect the treatment.


The active ingredient for the eye contour

We start by applying a biological concentrate to lift the drooping eyelid and improve the appearance of bags and dark circles using a quick digital massage.


Massage with LPG facial

A mechanical, relaxing massage with the LPG Ergolift head, to drain, strengthen, and stimulate the muscles that surround the eyes, strengthening them and preventing their
premature fall. Focusing on crow’s feet to prevent or smooth these wrinkles, activating the skin in the area so that it creates more collagen and redensifying elastin.

Eyelash enhancer

After the massage, we spread a gel with biotin and provitamin B5 on the lashes that will give them density and strength.


Comfort veil mask

Then, on the area, we place a comforting and refreshing veil, impregnated with nourishing and moisturising gel, indicated for the regeneration of skin tissue. A relaxing break full of “activity”.


Ultimate anti-aging cream+

We remove the comfort veil and finish the renewed look treatment with the application of an illuminating and repairing cream, based on hyaluronic acid and optical leveling technology, through a manual massage by our cosmetologists.


Recommendations post-treatment


  • Do not remove the product with which we complete the treatment for several hours. If possible, leave it until the next morning.
  • To enhance the result and maintain the look of beautiful skin and eyelashes, we advise using eye contour creams for a while which we will recommend in the same consultation.
  • Avoid make-up, as far as possible, during the following 24 hours after treatment.
  • Make use of sunscreen SPF 50 daily.
  • Use products, both hygiene and skin maintenance, suitable for your skin type.
  • After the treatment, you can immediately return to your normal routine.


Say goodbye to a tired and dull look. Enjoy a relaxing facial treatment that will bring light and vitality to your eyes. If you try it, you will repeat it!

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