Rhinoplasty – Nose surgery for men

RHINOPLASTY - Nose surgery for men

What is rhinoplasty?


The operation formally known as a RINOPLASTY is a surgical procedure that acts to modify the appearance of the nose, either increasing or reducing its size, changing its shape, modifying the tip, and/or the space between the nose and upper lip.


Apart from aesthetic reasons, this type of procedure is also suitable for cases in which there are defects due to accident or birth, as well as to resolve issues related to proper breathing.


How is rhinoplasty performed?


This type of surgery is quite common, and is performed often. We proceed by starting with an initial informative session with the surgeon, in order to advise patients in accordance with their objectives, while taking into account their natural features, skin type, age, and any factors that may have an impact on the operation.


The procedure consists of separating the skin from the bone so that it is possible to mold it and give it the desired shape. To retain the new shape, plaster is applied to immobilize the treated area.


We do not perform the same procedure in men as in women given that the same result is not pursued. Most often, a female patient seeks a “sweeter” nose that rejuvenates and softens the face, while men normally seek to enhance their identity and masculinity.


Rhinoplasty can be performed with local or general anesthesia, and may last between one or two hours. It is normally an outpatient procedure, although in some cases, hospitalization may be required.


When can rhinoplasty be performed?


As is known, the nose continues to grow as the years pass, so it is necessary not to perform rhinoplasty before the face is fully developed, this can be at least from the age of 18 years.


The patient will hardlynotice any scar, while he/she will see results within a few days. Following the procedure, nose plugs are inserted, and can removed after 24 or 48 hours. The final result can be assessed in about three weeks but we know that the treated nose may undergo small changes for months or even a year.


Recovery is swift, although in some cases bruising may appear, disappearing after a few days.


A defined mandibular arch, a chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face and a well-defined facial oval are aspects that determine whether a face is attractive or not, hence the importance of treating this lower third of your face whenever necessary.

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