What’ s the “sad face” effect?


The “sad face” effect is seen when there is a depression in the corners of the lips. In aesthetic medicine, this is known as a bitter smile. This gives patients with this small defect a disagreeable and displeasing appearance of sadness or sternness.


How to remove the “sad face” effect?


The treatment is extremely simple: we create a kind of “base” with mini-deposits of filler just below the fold of the corners of the mouth that lifts the expression and normalizes the shape of the mouth. In fact, the effect is immediate and the patient will see it right away. It is also very common that, when correcting the fold, the shape of the lips themselves is also improved, because we manage to harmonize them and make them look prettier simply by lifting their corners.


What does the treatment to eliminate the “sad mouth” effect consist of?


This procedure is carried out over 1 or 2 sessions lasting 20-30 minutes and we use local anesthetic to prevent discomfort. Return to normal life is immediate as normally no visible lesion remains. Occasionally, bruising or ecchymosis may occur, which will disappear in 2 or 3 days.

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