What is a crural lift?


This surgical technique is known by the medical term of LIFTING CRURAL and acts to eliminate excess sagging of the skin, which then allows eliminating wrinkles in the skin of the thighs.


Who can have a thigh lift?


This procedure is especially intended for mature women, although it can also be done on those people who for genetic reasons exhibit excessive skin flaccidity. Those who have lost weight or whoseskin quality is not optimal are also good candidates, and thanks to this technique, excess accumulated fat can also be removed.


In the case of those who wish to lose weight, it is advisable for them to wait until they have already achieved the desired weight, and then have the procedure.


What does a crural ligation or thigh lift surgery consist of?


Through this type of surgery, excess fat and skin can be removed, thanks to a small scar in the groin that is barely noticeable.


This procedure can last between three and four hours, and can be performed with epidural anesthesia combined with sedation, but to ensure the complete comfort of the patient, it is advisable to use general anesthesia.


A thigh lift requires one night of postoperative hospitalization, and patient recovery is normally swift and without complications. For forty-eight hours following the procedure, it is advisable for the patientto remain at rest, during which time he or she may feel a little tightness in the groin area. It is recommended not to walk too much until a week has passed, after which time patients will be able to return to normal activities.

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