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Integral face treatment according to the specific needs of each person.


What is the full facial treatment?


The treatment we denominate “Full face” is the combination of different non-surgical techniques that we use to completely treat defects or problems detected in each patient. Since we cannot pretend to obtain a completely satisfactory result if, for example, when treating front wrinkles, we neglect the deep nasolabial furrow.


Total Beauty: your complete personalized facial treatment.


To do this, Aureo Clinic creates TOTAL BEAUTY, the ideal procedure to try to solve the problem that arises when, when treating and improving a certain area of ​​a patient’s face, we cause another untreated area to stand out negatively by causing too obvious a contrast. For example, in a patient with a very wrinkled upper third of the face and with a lot of expression wrinkles, we treat this area with the corresponding procedure, and when we obtain the result we see that a middle third with flaccidity or wrinkles that did not stand out so much becomes an area that draws attention as it is not balanced with the treated area. Given this, our advice is to treat the face as a whole and thus maintain the desired harmony.


What does it consist of?


The combination of the different treatments goes according to the individual needs of each patient. We may use botulinum toxin (botox) injection techniques and associate them with bioplasty (dermal fillers), collagen regenerators, tensor wires, biostimulation, etc. This is about “hitting the nail” and obtaining the most satisfactory possible result.



Simple and painless


In every case, procedures are simple and not very uncomfortable. They are performed in one or two 45 to 60-minute sessions, and the reincorporation of the patient to their social and work lives is immediate. Duration of the effects will depend on the used treatments and products, but it may range from 6 to 12 months, or even more. Regarding negative effects, they usually do not go further than typical bruises or small swellings for a short period of time (3-10 days).


The price of Total Beauty will depend on the combination of treatments each patient may need or desire, but it is always a price that is noticeably inferior as if each of the treatments was done individually.


The importance of diagnosis for complete facial treatment.


Of course, what’s most important is the previous diagnosis, where we must know what the patient is worried about and what the combination of techniques that will provide us the best results will be.


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