I have vaginal dryness, how can I fix it?

Age, childbirth, very close shaving, episiotomy scars, etc., may result, in the long run, in dryness of the mucosal tissues of the vagina, which can cause very bothersome symptoms, such as itching, stinging, irritation and, very frequently, difficulties during sexual intercourse. The properties of hyaluronic acid turn it into the ideal weapon to combat this dryness of the vaginal canal.

What is the best treatment for vaginal dryness?

The technique involves multiple injections of hyaluronic acid in the most affected areas of the vaginal mucosa in order to rehydrate the vaginal tissue and, consequently, eliminate all discomforts caused by the dryness. It is performed very quickly and with local anaesthesia, does not require rest, and the patient can return to her daily routine on that same day.

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