VAGINAL NARROWING - Intimate surgery

What does vaginal tightening consist of?


In some instances, childbirth can cause a dilation in the vaginal walls, or, owing to an episiotomy, rupture of the vaginal muscles, causing alterations in sexual relations.


To overcome this problem and recover normal form, we offer treatment designed to NARROW THE VAGINAL OPENING. By means of this procedure, the vaginal muscles are tightened, removing excess mucus membrane to improve elasticity and muscle tone.


What is the procedure for vaginal narrowing?


This type of procedure can be performed using a cold scalpel or by laser cutting, lasts approximately two hours, and is done under general anesthesia, requiring one overnight hospital stay.


What are the benefits of vaginal tightening?


The procedure acts to facilitate control of the vagina, improve vaginal muscle strength, and narrow vaginal walls. The sutures that are applied usually fall out after fifteen days have gone by, and the patient may return to an active sexual life after a month. In cases in which vaginal dilation is accompanied by difficulty in retaining urine, the vaginal vault is reinforced.

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