How to get rid of that expression of constant anger.

Wrinkles that form between the eyebrows are very common, normally they are 1 or 2 vertical lines that increase as the years go on and they’re caused as a result of the gesture we all use of frowning. The problem is that it gives us an appearance of permanently being angry, the best thing would be to get rid of wrinkles and get a clearer, fresher, and more relaxed appearance, how does that sound?

How do you avoid wrinkles between your eyebrows?

There’s nothing simpler, at Aureo Clinic we treat them with a minimum dose of botulinum toxin and the result is very satisfactory as well as very natural. In just one session we relax the musculature so that when we try to make the gesture of being angry the muscle doesn’t have as much power and the movement is more gentle and less marked. You have to think that this is one of the most powerful muscles we have in our face because of this it is so common that they are the first wrinkles that appear with age.

For a more natural and beautiful space between your eyebrows.

Although it is certain that by applying botulinum toxin into the musculature is when we get the best result, in some cases we can complete the treatment with hyaluronic acid if the wrinkles are still noticeable. The combination of the two techniques gives us very beautiful and natural results. Go ahead! You can’t imagine how simple it is to get rid of that constant angry expression.

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