Marionette lines. Wrinkles from the corner of the mouth towards the chin.

MARIONETTE LINES - Wrinkles from the corner of the mouth towards the chin.

What are puppet lines?


There comes a time when when we look in the mirror our face betrays us with wrinkles that make us older than we are or feel and… we don’t like it! At Aureo Clinic we have the solution.


With this term we refer to the wrinkles that appear on the chin and that go from the corner of the mouth to the chin, sometimes even exceeding the facial oval. And yes, they are very ugly, they age a lot and always look older than we would like. What is the good new? They have an easy solution: their treatment is simple and at Aureo Clinic we achieve very good results.


How are marionette lines corrected?


If the marionette line is a clear wrinkle in which we see a furrow because the skin has already been broken and leaves us with a marked sunken line, we will treat it trying to recover that cleft. The most frequent is to use hyaluronic acid that lifts the furrow and recovers the continuity of the skin. In this case, in addition to improving the appearance of this area, we are also going to carry out a preventive task so that this wrinkle does not go any further, because every time the patient smiles and tries to recreate that wrinkle, the hyaluronic acid that is just below creates as a stop that does not allow the fabric to sink completely and does not break the skin again. In addition, hailuronic acid has fabulous properties for the skin and integrates perfectly into the tissue as it is a natural component of the dermis.


Are there other treatments to correct or disguise marionette lines?


If instead of a wrinkle itself, we have a fold in that area caused by a fall in the tissues that originates as a surplus of skin under the corners of the lip, we must treat it in another way. In this case, the fold in the marionette line is the symptom but not the problem, the problem is the flaccidity of the tissues that has caused that fold, so that where we must attack is that problem of flaccidity. The correct procedure will be to regenerate collagen at the level of the middle third of the face to reposition the skin that has descended to the lower third, for this we will use collagen regenerating fillers, tensor threads or facial radiofrequency.

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